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Welcome Dr. Antinoff!

Natalie Antinoff, DVM, Diplomate-ABVP Avian specialty

Dr. Natalie Antinoff obtained her DVM from the University of Wisconsin and continued on to do an Internship in small animal medicine and surgery followed by a residency in Avian & Exotic Pet Medicine and Surgery. In 1997, following her ABVP board certification, she established Gulf Coast Avian & Exotics as a part of Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists. This was the first specialty exotics practice operating as part of a referral center in the US! She has authored chapters and articles in a variety of veterinary texts and journals, and she has lectured locally, nationally, and internationally to veterinarians and pet owners. She served as a board editor (consultant) for VIN (Veterinary Education Network), providing interactive information to veterinarians nationwide. She has also served on the board of several veterinary journals and mentored over 25 veterinary interns in exotic pet medicine. In her spare time, Dr. Antinoff enjoys traveling, rollerblading, and bicycling - often combining all of these on the same trip! She lives with a number of wonderful pets including Mojo (a terrier mix), Louie (a miniature dachshund), Kaiya (a great dane), Zephyr & Zuzu (cats), Gracie (an African grey parrot), and Big (a macaw). 

January Pet-of-the-Month: Lovey Dovey


Lovey Dovey is 19 years young. She served as a classroom pet to over 450 children for 17 years and is now enjoying the peace and quiet of retirement. Those who meet Lovey fall in love with her peaceful disposition and friendly coos. She loves road trips, singing in the shower, sitting on keyboards, and going to bed early. Between naps, she stands watch and warns our household of the neighbor's wandering kitty.

In the summer of 2018, Lovey embarked on the journey of parenthood as she cared for and hatched a fertile dove egg. She is now the proud surrogate mother of 4-month-old Julep. Lovey is very grateful for Dr. Kirk, Jules, and the staff of Parrish Creek for helping her feel well again. It's so good to see her loving life and breathin' easy.