Parrish Creek Veterinary Clinic

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Centerville, UT 84014-1821


April Pet-of-the-Month:  Envi

Our chameleon was brought to Parrish Creek for a growth on her neck that seemed to cause her discomfort. Thanks to the extra effort of Parrish Creek staff we were able to bring our Envi girl back home with a few stitches but fully recovered! Envi is a veiled chameleon that got her name from being so bright green! You may even say she is "green with envi". Though her colors can and do change, she is always a hue of green and when she is really pleased will get spots of turquoise and orange. She is a beautiful spit fire, with quite the aggressive personality. This little lady is more for show than play, so take caution when getting fingers too close cause her warning bite does hurt. She is a great hunter; with a lightning fast tongue, she catches all the grubs! Most days she can be found hiding in her hibiscus plant, or napping under her heat lamp. She loves to sunbath and lounging on mom or dad's shoulders. She may even go after your eye if you blink to fast! Watch out for this feisty doll because her quick moves and beautiful colors may make you envious. Huge thanks to Parrish Creek veterinary staff because life would be a very different color without Envi.