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January Pet of the Month- Thumper!

Hi!  My name is Thumper Cavender and I am a lion head rabbit.  My family adopted me in May of 2010.  I live with a whole bunch of other furry and human critters.  My family nicknamed me "Pretty,Pretty Princess".  (Can you tell from my picture?)  I hang out in my blue house which is turned upside down so I can sit in it.  At night, I enjoy watching television with my family, and when the weather is warm, I love to play a game with my family called "Catch Me if You Can"  I make a beeline for the trees and try to hide so I don't have to go back inside.

I love my family and especially my friends at Parrish Creek.  I appreciate Dr. Folland and Dr. Echols for the good care they give me.  I have been sick with facial abscesses for the past two years but they have never given up on me and continue trying to find a new medicine to cure my chronic disease.  They say I have been a real trouper and I am one tough bunny.  I have a best friend and her name is Crystal, a technician at Parrish Creek.  She is always there to greet me with a smile and a hug.  She too, provides the best care for me and provides comfort for me and my family when we get scared or sad news.  She is our rock!  I love Debbie because she lets me have sleepovers and reassures my family that I am in the best hands.  I wouldn't be here without the care of my friends and family.  I am thankful for them, everyday.