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September Pet of the Month- Zoe

Zoe, a three year old Pekin duck, is our September pet of the month.  She lives in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania with eight other ducks.  She is a very vocal, sassy, strong, and loving duck who brings great joy to her human family. 

Zoe developed reproductive problems related to egg laying that landed her in the pet emergency room at Cornell University veterinary school in New York.  She needed surgery as soon as possible.  It was decided Dr. Scott Echols, an avian specialist and skilled surgeon, needed to perform the surgery.

When the airlines refused to allow her on a plane, her owner jumped in the car with Zoe and drove 31 hours to Parrish Creek Veterinary Clinic in Centerville, Utah.  The surgery was high risk, but Dr. Echols did his best to pull her through.  Almost  immediately after surgery, her sassy nature showed through.  She tried to bite her surgeon!

Because of Zoe's heart, sass and strength, she is our pet of the month.