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                March Pet of the Month- Rowdy!


Rowdy is a 6 yr. old Hound Mix. Rowdy is special to us in so many ways and in our eyes he is a miracle. We met Rowdy through a rescue based in West Jordan Utah. Rowdy is originally from Oklahoma. One day Rowdy wondered away from his yard and found himself on a farm and then in the hospital with a bird shot to the head. Miraculously Rowdy survived. The only thing he lost was his eye sight in both eyes. He still has his sweet personality, his adorable good looks, and still trusts humans. Rowdy ended up at a rescue in West Jordan where he received love and care from the directors of the shelter. He melted everyone’s heart that met him. After volunteering at the rescue a few times we knew that we wanted to provide a forever home for him and that we’d be so lucky to have him be a part of our family. Rowdy become an official part of our family almost two years ago. He gained a human sister and brother and a canine sister and brother in which Rowdy has the utmost tolerance for ;).
Although Rowdy is blind he never ceases to amaze our family. When you call or say his name he is quick to look in your direction as if he’s looking right at you. He navigates around the house and yard without reservation. He enjoys a good game of tug of war with his golden doodle brother and can get really hyped up and rowdy (pun intended). He is great at basic obedience and even know a few tricks like “high five” and “give me a hug”. He enjoys long naps right in the center of my bed and if he’s not lying on my bed he’s on one of his big comfy beds. As much as he enjoys his naps Rowdy jumps at the chance of being outside with us whether it’s to help with yard work, go on a walk or a car ride. He truly is all-around well balanced happy dog that doesn’t let his lack of eye sight slow him down. We are very lucky to have him.