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May Pet of the Month-  Bear

Our pet of the month for June is Bear!  Bear was adopted at 10 months of age, December 17, 2005, from the Yuppie Puppie shelter in Salt Lake City.  He is a purebred American cocker spaniel and he was placed at the shelter because his previous owner had chickens and he "wouldn't stop chasing the chickens".  "The minute we saw him we fell in love with him" his new owners exclaimed.  He came with the name "Reed", but that just didn't fit this little brown bear cub, so his name was promptly changed to Bear.  Bear is the sweetest, most gentle dog that you can imagine.  He is known as the "Walmart Greeter" because he always loves to see everyone.  He's never met a human, dog, or cat that he doesn't love! ( Birds on the other hand are another story............)

Bear has endured multiple surgeries including a torn cruciate ligament.  He has had great care from Dr. Folland and Dr. Echols.  He especially loves Dean, Crystal, Jenny, and Audrey who have given him excellent nursing care through all of his surgeries, infections, teeth cleanings and shots.  He always enjoys his visits to the clinic to see everyone and to check out all of the other animals and new smells.

He is dearly loved by his owners!  His mom has not been in the bathroom alone for 11 years as he follows her everywhere!  The grandparents adore him and refer to him as the "Grand Dog".  He is completely spoiled and loved by is human family. On the street, everyone wants to pet Bear, the dog with the softest fur in the world.

At 12 years old, Bear is slowing down a little, but he still loves walks, short rides in the car and treats.  Because of a happy disposition, in spite of challenges, Bear is the pet of the month.