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December/January Pet-of-the-Month  Noel

Mr. Noel is a sassy, sweet bunny who has traveled the world.  He spent six weeks traveling across the United States in a camper.  He has also traveled all across Mexico and Canada.  His favorite place in the world is the beach.  He has a strange love of water, and his bunny slave (owner) is constantly trying to keep him from jumping into lakes and oceans.  He is partially blind in one eye due to a dog bite and he has a moderate head tilt from an ear infection that almost took his life, but he doesn't let that slow him down.  He is a bit of a stinker and thinks he should be eating people food, so his humans have to keep everything from pizza to cookies on the counter or else he will steal them.  He is a free range house bunny who walks on a leash.  He is currently five and one half years old.  His hobbies include begging for bananas and receiving head rubs.  His favorite treat is Craisins.  Several months ago, Noel underwent complicated surgery to manage his middle ear infection.  He was very brave and tough bunny.  His fighting spirit got him through.  We are happy to have Noel as our December/January pet-of-the-month.