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August Pet of the Month- Duke

Duke is our August pet of the month.  Being a doberman pinscher, he is of a breed that is often feared because of its use as a guard dog.  There is no need to fear Duke, though, because he has a gentle and friendly disposition.  He did have a difficult beginning of his life. 

Duke is a rescue dog adopted from the Nevada Doberman Rescue on July 21, 2009.  At the time it was determined he was one year old.  His family celebrates his birthday as July 21.  He was a young teenager who was malnourished and fearful of even his own shadow.  He can only see out of his left eye due to an injury to the right eye before he was adopted

Lots of love and reassurance were needed to develop his trust of people and that is exactly what his family provided.  With constant love he learned he had hit the jackpot with his new family.  He would never again have to worry about where his home would be.  Duke has become a dedicated companion dog and a very special part of his family.  He was recently diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, as serious heart condition common in the doberman breed.   He has responded well to treatment and is doing well again. 

Because of his gentle disposition, in spite of a hard beginning and a will to survive a serious health problem, Duke is our pet of the month.