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February Pet of the Month- Ricky Bobby!

This month we would like to introduce you to Ricky Bobby!  She is a seven year-old red heeler mix.  Her first visit to Parrish Creek Veterinary Clinic was only a few weeks ago as an emergency.  She has always been very active, as most heelers are.  She is also one tough lady, to say the least, as you will see when you read her story. 

Her family came home one afternoon to find her unable to stand, and she was not responding to them.  Earlier in the day, she seemed to be her normal, energetic self with no indication anything was wrong.  When they called the clinic, it was near closing time, but when Jenny, one of our technicians, answered the call she could hear panic in the voice on the other end.  She instructed them to come right away!  By the time Ricky Bobby arrived, her condition had deteriorated and she was near comatose.  What could be the problem?  Following a quick exam, Dr Stearns requested the exact tests needed to quickly diagnose her condition-an infection in her uterus that had ruptured.  Immediate surgery was her only chance for survival.  Many staff members jumped into action and stayed late into the evening to assist Dr. Stearns and Dr. Folland with surgery.

She made it through surgery, but there was still great concern for her survival.  She was in grave condition.  After a night at the emergency clinic for intensive care, she returned to Parrish Creek very weak and fighting a massive infection in her abdomen, but at least she didn't seem any worse.  When Ricky Bobby's family came to visit later in the afternoon, she lifted her head and slightly wagged her tail.  It was the first hopeful sign she might make it, but she still had many mountains to climb.  After days of intensive care she was finally able to go home, where her loving family continued to give her 24 hour care.  We were still not sure she would make it, but little did we know, Ricky Bobby is a stubborn "cookie".  The photo above is 10 days following surgery.  She is not completely healed but she is out of the woods.  Her strong will to be with her family has helped her beat the odds.

This is why we voted Ricky Bobby to be the Pet of the Month and why we love our jobs at Parrish Creek!