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December Pet-of-the-Month: Itty Bitty


Itty Bitty was hatched on 03/23/2014 at Tracy Aviary.  She had some development issues: deformed eyelids and feather issues. She could not have survived in the wild, and the flock attacked her often. So she came home to me on a permanent loan!

Thanks to the care of Parrish Creek and daily eye washes and drops she is doing ok.  She loves to explore when she’s outside, but she still makes sure that I’m not far away. She thinks she is the boss and will let me and my blue and gold macaw know when we are spending too much time together!  She has a large ball made out of grape vines that is her favorite hang out.

Like all sun conures she is loud and sometimes obnoxious, but is a happy little girl!