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May Pet-of-the-Month:  Mr. Deeds

Mr. Deeds may be small but his personality is huge! His size does not stop him from telling everyone what’s up! The vacuum gets told off regularly, most men get an earful, and even a random leaf can get barked at for landing the wrong way. But underneath his “Napoleon complex”, he is an angel! (Not to mention those little brown eyes). Mr. Deeds came into my life at the perfect time. I was at one of the lowest points of my life. To mentally help myself, my mom and I decided to volunteer at the NKUT Super Pet Adoption (people, ADOPT or FOSTER!). At our first pet adoption, there was Mr. Deeds. He was sitting in a huge kennel, in a raggedy little sweater, shivering, and looking so scared! (He reminded me of Dobby the House Elf). Big dogs barking in cages all around him. It broke my heart! I went in the cage, sat down with Mr. Deeds and that was it. I had to save him. Little did I know that I would literally be saving his life two weeks later. Mr. Deeds has a portosystemic shunt. Because of this, Mr. Deeds is supposed to eat special food (that he hates, it's a constant battle) and take medicine twice a day (that he hates) for the rest of his life, which is a-ok with me. He is worth it!! Some of Mr. Deeds favorite things to do are: laying in the sun, laying in one of his two dog beds, laying on Grandma’s bed (he loves lounging), wrestling with his best friend Ruby, going on W’s (walks), playing with his toys and if he can go on any road trip, he’s stoked! He may look a little rough around the edges but that only adds to his charm! And, if truth be known, Mr. Deeds saved my life, too.