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August Pet-of-the-Month:  Sam

Sam is a brother to four of his bun siblings and dog. He has been with our family for two years in October after being adopted from the local PetSmart. He was the sole bun in the area with just cats and we immediately knew we had to take him home. After a couple of weeks, Sam became accustomed to his new family and now responds promptly to food time calls and pets. He continues to be the baby of the family and gets treated as so. He is a rambunctious little bun that loves to cuddle and hide under the bed. His little back leg doesn’t always work right but that doesn’t stop him from running around the house and bugging his dog sibling. He is a small little guy but has a big personality.

Sam has velvet soft black hair that grabs the attention of everyone that sees him. His favorite foods are his occasional carrot treat and apples. He loves to snuggle with his family and bug his dog brother, Chico. Chico is very protective of Sam and doesn’t like taking him to the vet. He stands guard to make sure that no one hurts Sam. They are best friends even though Sam sometimes gets annoyed with Chico’s nonstop energy. Sam is one of the most important parts of our family’s life and we love him immensely.  

Sam loves his vets at Parrish Creek. Even though he hates going to the doctor, he tries to stay as still as possible when he needs his shots or exams. He tries to be the best healthy bun and is happy that the vets at Parrish Creek take good care of him.