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July Pet-of-the-Month:  Milly

Milly is a very sweet and loving Catalina Macaw who is about 24 years old.  She has a fun personality, and she loves just about everyone she meets,  especially kids.  Sometimes we will take her to the park and she will run up to and talk to every kid she sees.  She loves the grass and running through the sprinklers.  She also has a very cute relationship with our cat Hiccup.  They like to hang out together sometimes.  There have been occasions where I have come home from work, and Milly has got down from her cage and will be hanging out with our cats in our front room.  Milly had one of her feet broken when she was young, and it never quite healed right.  She isn't very graceful, but she gets around just fine.  She also doesn't like having long feathers, so she likes to bite her tail feathers and the longer wing feathers off.  She also likes to sleep laying on her belly.  She has her own set of blankets we put on the top of her cage, and she will lay and cuddle up on them.

She likes to talk as well.  She doesn't say lots of things, but she is very good with the annunciation of her words in the appropriate situation.  For instance, if you get home and its dark so she can't see you, she will say Hello like she is asking who is there.  And when she is excited to see you she will say Hello very excitedly.  She also will say Hello like she is answering the phone if she hears the phone ring.  She is good at making other animal sounds as well.  She will meow at the cats, she loves doing a chicken, bock bock bock!  She barks like a dog too.  One of my close friends taught her how to say Arrrrree, like a pirate.  He tried to teach her Arrrrre Matey, but she only does the Arrrre part.  She also never says it for him - she only says it to me after he leaves.  Milly has been a great pet, and we love her so much!  She also loves all of the staff at Parrish Creek, even after she gets poked and prodded during her examinations.